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Grand Galloping Gala Chapter 1 (MLP FANFIC)

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 17, 2012, 6:33 PM
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: My Dad engraving A water Bottle
  • Reading: MOCKINJAY!!!!!! (hunger Games book 3)
  • Watching: The screen on my computer
  • Playing: Deviant Art
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
"APPLE JAAAAACCK!" Rarity shouts, interuppting my nap. I rustle and shift my back around which is laid against a hollow tree. "AH'M COMING!" I shout back. I attempt to stumble up to my hooves and start galloping toward Rarity's Boutique. The blur of red, green and golden unbucked apples trees full with loads of apples reminds me of my favorites day of the year. I love the crack of dawn on a warm October day. What makes ths day best though is when Granny Smith whips together some of her famous cinnamon-apple pie. The wonderous smell from heaven leaks out from the cellar which is only used for jam, pies, and cider. Down there, while Granny Smith is using her skilled hooves to mash together a concoction of spice and sugar with apples that are only the sweetest on the farm, she is in the zone and reacts to no one until each perfect master piece is in the oven. This is the moment when I can't even THINK of a better time to appreciate the farm. My appreciation soon ends when I see the long blurs start to end and I start approaching the fence the sepperates Sweet Apple Acres from the rest of Ponyville. I gallop by Lyra's house and see Bon Bon knocking on the door and wonder what she wants at this hour with Lyra. It's probably not my buisness though. I keep galloping by and see the blob of Sugar Cube Corners and wonder if Pinkie is up. It's not even five yet but the sun is still up enough to seea pink, orange, yellow, and purple cascading glow shining over the hills that are located right behind Rarity's Boutique. The smell of Granny Smith's Apple Pie has been replaced with the smell of Mr. and Mrs. Cake's Cinnamon Bun's with their signature thick Vanilla frosting. It makes everything seem like a dream.

"APPLE JAAACCCK! PLEASE DO HURRY UP DEAR!" I start galloping and full speed which will cause me to get tired fast, so I am glad I only have about half a mile left to run. Everything was a blur before, but now everything is like a splash of paint. With all the splashes of paint, I didn't realize that I was already at Rarity's Boutique. I tilit my head up to see Rarity sticking her head out the window.

"APPLE JACK DEAR, JUST RUN UPSTAIRS DARLING! I'LL BE UP HERE!" I push open the door and galloped upstairs. I remember that I have to take a right when I see the golden lace hung up on the wall that was weaved with a string of Fire Ruby made with the most skilled hooves. Princess Cadence gave that to her after the wedding with Shining Armour to say thank you for helping.

I trotted in to Rarity's Sewing room to see her standing in front of her desk, doodling something on a piece of paper. "Rarity?" Rarity whipped her head around.
    "Apple Jack!" Rarity darted up to me, faster than I've ever seen her run, and gave me a giant hug.
    "RARITY is hugging me without being worried about being covered with mud? What's the occasion?" I said with my thickest accent, which apparently came out of nowhere.
    "Oh, right! Darling get ready to be in love!" Rarity trots over to a large white chest with a silver lace lining, and a dark brone padlock, and starts opening it. I watch as the bronze padlcok starts glowing with a blue, sparkle trim. My eyes light up as the padlock flips open and out comes a floating dress that could summon an angel from heaven! The dress has a dark brown contry saddle with a green fabric and a brown leather frindge lining. I hold out my hooves and it drops. I lay it on the floor and start getting a closer look. I notice the collar. It's green and has a little apple charm could just make a pony crave apples! Rarity pulls out a pair of matching green boots with little apple charms on them.
    "Rarity, it's just, beautiful!" That was the only thing I say. The outfit just, took my breath away!
    "It's your dress for the gala! Isn't it marvolous?"
    "Aw Rarity, it's amazin', but you didn't have to go through all this trouble! I could've bought a dress. You know what? Name yer price! Ah'll give ya whatever it would take to repay you for this fine dress!"
    "Oh Apple Jack, don't you worry! I would love to make this dress for my best friend! I don't want a bit in return!"
    "Why, thank you kindly Rarity, this is so generous of you!"
    "Don't mention it! I just hope your date to the gala loves it!"
    "Date, wait, whadaya mean?"
    "Why Apple Jack, you don't have a date? That's terrible! Everyone has a date! Twilight is going with Doctor Whooves, I am going with Spike, Pinkie Pie is going with Pokey Pierce from across the street, Rainbow Dash is going with Braeburn, and Fluttershy is going with Big Macintosh! You simply MUST have a date!"
    "Nope, Ah don't have a date!"
    "Apple Jack! I have and idea! What if you go trotting around your new fancy dress! You know, try the dress on for a little, see if it fits, flirt a little..."
    "No, I am going to sell some apples, not to have some fancy date!"
    "PLEASE Apple Jack! That is ALL I want for you to do to repay me! The only thing!"
    "Oh, alright." I pick up the dress, and start galloping home. I keep thinking: I'll get a date, and make Rarity proud. She deserves it!...


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